The Lamp Of Life

In India, and specially amongst the Hindu community comes the biggest festival of the year, Diwali. It is a festival of joy, gaiety, truth, and light. It's a happy occasion. An occasion of celebration. An occasion of gifting. An occasion for firecrackers. But there is one thing very unique in Diwali by which it's significance stands out, it is the "diya" or lamp.

This lamp mirrors our life somewhat. When the wind blows slowly, the flame starts moving. It appears disturbed, its peace shaken. In life when events start pushing us to the edge, our tranquility gets turned to a feeling of internal turbulence. Then, when the wind gets stronger, the flame gets extinguished. When some extremely disturbing external or internal events happen, we find that the life in us feels finished. We have entered depression. We become lifeless. Then, an external saviour comes and with his wisdom, guidance, and help lights the lamp back in our life. Finally, the oil gets finished and the flame blows out again. This is our death. There is no oil to give us light, no spirit to give us life. Sometimes, fresh oil is put and the flame comes back. It's as if we have been infused with a spirit again and given rebirth.

The light of this lamp is significant. The whole of India feels lighted. This is the light of truth. The light where good wins. The light where the weak get justice, the light where the ignorant get enlightened, the light where the hopeless get hope, where those morally blind get the sight of values. Our life is a lamp. This lamp can spread light to its surroundings. When it chooses this path, the whole neighbourhood is lit. In the darkness of the stormy night, this calm light gives hope, strength and sight. Your heart is your lamp. You can light it with love, positivity, and joy. When this happens the lamp of your life will face no effect of the even strongest winds. It remains secure in its internal strength shining brightly like a beacon of hope for humanity.