There is a new fad which has developed in today's world. It is called, "The Law of Attraction". This means you will get what you want very badly. But there is a condition - 1st you must desire that thing very hungrily. With this hunger and desire, automatically you will get this thing. In this lies the danger. The law of attraction is destructive.

We are hungry for things. Now, the new age gurus have told us that we must fully focus our minds on those things. Only through this power, we can attract those things to us. This deep pull is like having our entire being filled with desire. They are teaching us to be like wild, hungry animals who are filled with a desire for their prey. These animal desires will ensure you lose your contentment, and peace of mind. Now, you have to desire, only then you will attract. We are trapped. We are attached to our desires. The law of attraction is destructive.

This deep attachment will draw us towards the baser, material instincts. We lose touch with our soul. We are being taught to dream, to desire, to attract. There is now no hope for inner joy, and contentment. We have become rats in the rat race. Our desires will ensure anxiety. They will create insecurity, and fear at they not being attained. The law of attraction is destructive.