The Link Between The Heart And The Mind

The riddle of the link between the heart and the mind for long has perplexed humanity. There are only theories, if you believe in that theory, it becomes a belief. Since both these refer to abstract lines of space, the definitive answer can only be a subjective guess. A guess tries to use maximum common sense. Where scientific reasoning is not possible, we have to be happy with our guesswork. So, let's try and do some guessing and have some fun trying to establish this link.

They say the mind thinks, and the heart feels. When you think about your lover, are you thinking or are you feeling love ? Is it a thought or is it a feeling ? You can take a guess, because all guesses are potentially correct. There is no 1 right answer.

They say the mind is rational, the heart emotional. The mind analyses, the heart feels. The mind only can reason the right thing to do, but the heart makes you do that right thing with care and compassion.

So, our thinking deduced so far has shown that there is a possible separate area of operation of both.

Now, it is upto the human being who is the rider of the horse how he wishes to ride the horse. If he pulls the rein tight, we can say he is cautious and ruling by the mind. If he gives a free rein to the horse, you will see the horse speeding, and the rider will feel the thrills of danger, fun, and adventure. That's exactly what happens. The mind is cautious, it tries and protect you. The heart is loving, and romantic, and you can enjoy the depth and perils of emotions by the razor's edge only through the heart. Living by the heart is more fun, but also more dangerous. The danger of speed can cause you to fall, and your heart may get hurt.

Many of us deliberately choose to live through the mind, because we don't have the skill to live by the heart. To be a skillful player of the hearts, you need to understand not only how other hearts operate, but also how your own heart operates. Only when you are a master of your own emotions, can you play the game of heart without it being dangerous. You can then have fun also, and at the same time safely avoid the danger of being hurt.

Great leaders inspire only through the heart. You can never inspire through the mind, but you can only make a strategy. The spirit of a strategy is always in the heart, it is in its people.

From the above guesswork, the author of this article has concluded that the heart is the master, the mind is only the servant. The mind serves so that it brings joy to the heart. The heart rules through love. Where there is love, the human spirit becomes free from all negativity. Love flies free. It has no bond. Because love is fearless, boundariless. No one doubts love, because it it pure. Such force and power is possible only in love, the king of all kings, the master of all masters. It's home is in the heart. And that's why heart is the ultimate master.