India they say is the land of snake charmers, and magicians. There are many magical things. But 1 festival has that special magic in uniting the community. It is called "Raksha Bandhan".

This is a festival for brothers and sisters. The sister ties a "Rakhi" on her brother's hand and in return the brother gives her a token gift and promises her "raksha" or protection. Rakhis are often tied not only to blood related brothers, but to any man who fits in with the definition of her brother.

The bond between brother-sister gets a new memory, a new life every year through this symbolic ritual. It brings them closer, it unites.

The symbolic protection between brother-sister should spread out to other spheres of our life also. We must protect our family, our friends, our workplace, our environment, our country. And last but not the least we must protect our values. Through protection, we sustain. Life goes on.

Happy Raksha Bandhan (Aug 7, 2017)

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