The word "detachment" is a favourite in religious scriptures, and spiritual learning. But what exactly does it mean ?

A man has 2 parts - the mind, and the action. The mind says, the action does. If the mind has no interest in something, then the action will be found wanting. This is not detachment. Detachment does not mean lack of interest or passion. Because if there is no interest or passion, you lose the fun, the energy, the jest, the joy of life. If you lose interest, your mind will slowly become dull, and slowly but surely you will slide into depression. So, this is not detachment.

Detachment means to have full passion in both the mind and action. To have fun, interest, and excitement in living. But then why do we call it detachment ? Because while enjoying the passion to the maximum, you are willing to lose everything and let go. Your passion is purely for joy. Your passion is not attached to its object. Your passion is detached. This is the meaning of detachment.

DETACHMENT = Passion in mind + Passion in action + Willing to lose the object of passion

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