God is to be feared say some. God is to be loved say some. Where there is fear, can there be love ? Can the same God have fear and love ?

When we say "fear God", what we actually mean is that we have to fear our own bad deeds. In other words, those bad deeds will come back to us and our negative karma will come to us with a punishment. We have to fear this punishment. This punishment is the meaning of "fear of God".

The real God should not be feared. Because there are only positive attributes around him. He has grace, mercy, compassion, forgiveness. The sum total of God is pure love. There is no reason he would create fear amongst his own creation because that would make him evil, which he is not. God is love.

The fear of God lies in his justice, which means if you do wrong it will come back at you. Fear your wrong karma, which will be punished through God's justice. That is the meaning of fear of God.