The Meaningful Friendship

There is a meaning to life. For some it remains a search, for some a journey, for others a destination. There is a meaning to people in our lives. To some we give and support, from others we receive, and to most we do both.

The act of giving or receiving is merely transactional. It's like a body without clothes. It has no shame. When clothes are draped around it, the body gets shame, gets respect. When there is a fine human culture in our acts of receiving or giving, our human transactions adorn the finer robes of human culture.

Plain, emotionless transactions are better suited for business. But in human interactions our transactions need to carry a spirit, a soul, a feeling. The greater the depth, the more the grace, the more the charm, the more the beauty.

In our daily lives, we may cross even more than a hundred human interactions everyday. The spiritual beauty of these interactions defines our humanity.

Those particular people whom we feel closest to and share the most, trust the most, we call them friends. Some consider their family members as their best friends, others have them outside the family.

In friendship, we often disrobe the formal etiquette of culture. We feel free, we are ourselves, we remove our mask, we feel secure even in our emotional nakedness. Try and count with how many people you have this comfort level. It is when this comfort level is attained, our friendship assumes meaning. It is not superficial anymore. It is real. We live our real personality with these people. This is meaningful friendship.

There are those rare people whose lives are open books, whose faces can be read at face value, who don't understand diplomacy, and who are not afraid at being judged. When this happens, the whole humanity feels like a friend for that person. The meaningful friendship with a select few gets translated to a meaningful humanity for all. The whole of humanity becomes your friend, and love becomes your religion. There is no meaning at that time to your life, it has meaning only to those who derive their meaning from you.