The Mind Of Humour

When he spoke, others often broke into laughter. His style was unique, uniquely funny. He spoke fast, with a sweet tone, and he got away with audacious statements which would otherwise be condemned had it be conveyed in a serious tone. He had this natural skill to make others laugh. He knew how to tickle the mind, and flirt with the heart, without crossing the limit of decency. People loved his presence, their tensions vanished in those moments, they felt light. That's the power of humour.

If there was 1 attribute which attracts easily, it is humour. But humour needs a spirit too. There are many who try to carry their humour with rumour by putting others down. This humour is dark. There is another type of humour though, where we become child like. This humour is innocent, it is pure. When innocence is used in humour, it hurts no one. It easily wins hearts. The power of innocence is far greater than rumour or defaming someone.

Humour is needed everyday. But in few places, it's absence is a must. Serious conversations where suddenly humour is used lose the importance of their seriousness. Seriousness needs a focus on itself without distraction. Humour distracts. But seriousness is needed only sometimes, not all the time.

Humour is the food of joy. It removes the burden of daily living. It makes us feel that life is joy. When we use humour as a toy, we need to become a bit mindless, a bit silly, a bit stupid. We need to remove logic and reason. When this happens we feel free, we experience freedom. We are not burdened by tradition. We are free. Free from human expectation of dignified behaviour. This is the mind of humour.