She was middle aged. A little eye liner, some pink lip stick, a blusher, and a highlighter was applied on her gradually aging face. It took about 15 minutes. But the make up added grace, charm, and beauty to her. That's what make-up does. It beautifies you, hides your weaknesses.

Physical beauty attracts. Don't we glorify our pretty film stars ? We idolize them. Why ? Because their looks have an attractive power. Their personality gets magnified. That's the power of good looks.

But there is a power far greater than that. It's the seductive charm of inner beauty. Inner beauty completely bowls you over, it's not a mere attraction, one feels seduced by it, bowled over.

Inner beauty is the best make-up in the world. Even when you forget your facial make-up kit, you will never feel weak, or vulnerable. The make-up of inner beauty protects you from the harsh forces, rough people, and tough situations in the world.

The inner beauty make-up kit is made of 7 equipments : * a gentle, caring heart * a warm smile * a compassionate voice * helpful actions * positivity * simplicity * no rumour, no gossip

Wear this make-up next time. It is free. It is available in God's department store. It needs a little practice to put it on without it feeling that it's not a genuine make-up. Wear it in such a way that it merges into your personality. Then you will not need an effort to put it on everyday. No one will even know there is a make-up, because what was initially a crutch to prop you up, has lost its functional utility, and now lies with joy in your very heart. This most beautiful make-up kit bears your name. It's yours. It's your birthright.

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