Love makes you feel special, wanted. Your lover gives you that special attention, feeling. But that precisely is the problem. We are craving for love, and attention. We have expectations. We are receivers. This is the problem.

Heart breaks happen not because of betrayal of love. Betrayal is not the cause. The cause is ego. Your ego has been punctured, attacked, destroyed. You cannot accept the fact that your beloved has hit your ego. Ego is the problem in love. You are a nervous lover. Because now you can't trust. You are waiting at a razor's edge fearing betrayal. Love has lost its joy. It is now filled with anxiety.

Love should be a pure act of giving. A giver has no nervousness. He just gives. In this lies the purity of his love. He feels free. He assumes power. He destroys the cause of pain. Because a giver is not looking at his ego, he simply enjoys the joy of giving.

The problem in love is ego. It is destroyed by giving without expectation.

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