Desire is an unmet need. It looks at the future to fulfill it. Desire is normal. It drives us. Desires have different types. It could be physical, emotional, intellectual, sensual, financial, etc. Also, they have different intensities. Sometimes shallow, sometimes deep. Desires also stay with us for different lengths of time. Some are like life-long desires, others pass away like the clouds.

We can't say whether a desire is good or bad. Also, it's not possible to be totally desireless. Even hunger creates a desire for food. When you are hungry, it may not be easy to ignore your desire to eat. To resist desires, we practice abstinence. Some do fasting, others celibacy, etc. To resist desires is bravery. To have normal desires, without they affecting your emotional equilibrium, is mastery. It's good to be brave, but a master does not need to test his bravery. He is already a master. His bravery is ingrained.

Most desires are attached to our ego. Suddenly when we find that when the desire is unfulfilled, we feel frustrated, we get angry at the cause. Desires have attachment. So their failure leads to internal anger. Can you harbour a desire and when you fail to attain it, still can remain calm, and collected ? If you can do so, you have learnt to play ball with the root of desire.