The search for love is a journey, not a destination. The destination can never be reached. The journey goes on for our whole lives. We are all in search of that ideal, heavenly love. That love in which all our worries disappear. That love which makes us free, and liberated. That love which understands us completely without us speaking. We are wanderers. We wander, and wander. We yearn for that ultimate love. It is the greatest thirst of man. But it's a thirst that can never be quenched. Because the direction of that search is faulty.

Our search is external, we seek it in another human being. That is the problem. We want someone else to understand us completely. It's not possible. The direction needs to change. The external search now must become internal. Now, we search for love within us.

When we search for love internally, what does it mean? It means we search within ourselves whether we match upto the ideals of an ideal lover. So, only 1 question needs to be answered - do we love ourselves? When we say we love ourselves, we are not referring ourselves as selfish. Selfish means self-love at the cost of loving others. But here when we say we love ourselves, we mean whether we love our humanity. We love the way we interact with other human beings. Do we bring love, and joy to those around us? Whenever we do so, we feel internal bliss. When that happens, we love ourself. At that point you don't need to search for love externally, because you have found true love within yourself.

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