The Signature Pen

To many it was a status symbol. It's colour was royal black with sprinkling of gold round the edges. The gold put the final seal to its aristocracy. It was the yearning of many but could be afforded through the earning of only a few. It was from the Mont Blanc collection, it was a signature pen.

Some claimed that when you wrote with a Mont Blanc the feel of the pen and writing was actually better. Others claimed to the contrary. It's like saying that the rich, powerful, and famous of our society possess a better culture and etiquette while also saying that this may not be true all the time.

When we put the word "signature" before something we refer it is the best in that field. A chef's signature dish is supposed to be his best. Do you know where we put our signature ? We put our signature on only that thing we are sure of. We put it on contracts, agreements. They are valid only with our signature. We put it on cheques. The value of the cheque is purely based on our signature. A signature puts the final deal of authenticity, veracity, and value of something.

But it's when our signature becomes famous, we can say to have acquired worldly eminence. When our smile, style, or speech becomes a signature, we have scaled the story of success. We all seek this. We all strive for this. We want our signature to be known. But in the success script of Mont Blanc we have a few lessons.

Our 1st lesson to become a signature is that we have to carry ourselves well. The 1st impression is the last. We need a regal appearance. The 2nd lesson is that our functionality must have universal applicability. Only when our application serves a higher utility value we can succeed. The 3rd lesson is attitude. Only when we price ourselves at a premium, we maintain our self-respect we command that same respect in the market. The 3 A's to be a signature are - Appearance, Applicability, and Attitude. The mystery book of Mont Blanc gets unveiled through the business lessons of the 3 A's. To call this a signature lesson would be arrogance on my part. Then maybe there could be 4 A's in the glory of this signature pen.