The test of a man is how he treats his woman/women.

Men in a way are the more dominant sex. They mostly earn more, are physically stronger, & have more deeper voices. If you combine these 3 factors, it makes them technically more powerful.

The question here is : how does he use this power ? Does he use it benevolently or does he abuse it ?

Benevolent use of power means taking care of the person with you. Looking after their needs, being kind, giving love, and helping.

However, abuse is the opposite. The relationship becomes toxic. Instead of love & care, there is hate & violence.

Women are a fragrance on our planet. Let’s preserve this fragrance through love. Don’t use your power to raise your hand. A hand once raised takes a long time for the heart to heal.

Happy International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women ( Nov 25 ) !

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