There Is No Destination

He sat in the back seat of his car. He was headed towards London. The map on Google indicated it would take 2 hours more, given the current traffic status. He had to reach a fixed destination within a fixed time with a set of assumptions.

This is the story of the roadmap of life we chart for ourselves. It seems we all have certain destinations in mind. We have goals, they become our destinations. We measure our success by how far we have reached. This is the story of those whose lives are lived with meticulous planning right upto the end. They wish to be in control, hence the need to plan perfectly into the future. The goals they need to achieve carry the burden of expectations. They weigh you down. Your spirit loses its freedom. You cease to live in the present because the worry of the future is too great. You lose the magic of the present moment. You lose your innocence.

Destinations are very depressing. Because they always appear so far. And they carry the worries of the dangers of the journey to reach there. We become fearful, because we can't afford to lose anymore, we have to reach that place. We can't accept failure, because that would mean we have failed in life. In reality, a destination itself is a mirage. There is nothing to achieve, nothing to prove to anyone. A destination tries to live upto its image in the eyes of others. It's never internal. Hence, the whole concept of a destination is a fairy tale, something seen in books with a touch of magic. In the real world, we need to free ourselves, a freedom achieved through feeling the depth of the present moment. You can feel the depth of the present when the past memories don't trouble you or the future goals don't hurry and worry you. You are in peace in the present. The present moment is your only destination. Besides this, there is no destination.