Thoughts are prone to logic and reasoning. Thoughts believe in statistics. Thoughts calculate. Thoughts look at history when they try to take a peek into the future. Thoughts are dependent on facts. Thoughts can't feel the pulse, they don't have gut feeling. Thoughts often lose their joy due to their analytical powers. Hence, they are weak. Think less.

Feelings are the music and dance with which you can experience inner joy. When your feelings have depth, you don't need to analyse, you already have understood the depth - just through your emotional intuition. Feelings are free, they are not bound by rules. Because a feeling can flow in any direction. Hence, feelings are independent. Feel more.

Make thoughts the servant to your feelings. Let your feelings rule. The final decision is only of the master, not the servant. The servant merely helps the master to achieve his goal. Thoughts are meant to serve feelings. So that the feelings enjoy the bliss, and freedom of experiencing pure joy. Only feelings have this potential, not thoughts. Think less, feel more.

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