Time always moves. Time is measured by the movement of the planets, the sun, and the moon. There is constant movement in our solar system. Time gets measured. Time moves.

The clock can't stand still. It goes tic toc. The clock moves, but time does not move. Is this possible?

Time can be measured in its quality in human life. When there is depth, the time appears fulfilling. There comes a depth, a point so deep, where it appears that time suddenly stops. There is no motion, no action. Time has lost its form. At this point, bliss is experienced. Time does not move. It is showering bliss. The bliss of the present. There is no tomorrow, no future. The present has become wholesome. Time ceases to be a measurement, it becomes an experience. Time starts living purely in the present. This intensity is manifested in depth. A depth where superficiality, and falsehood cease to exist. At this magic moment, time does not move.

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