The future can only be imagined, not lived. An imagination cannot be experienced. Tomorrow can never be experienced. Only your today is experienced. Tomorrow is an illusion, a dream. It's not a reality. A dream can never be real in totality. It's abstract. Tomorrow can never come.

We often make the mistake of hoping for the future. The hope of realizing some dream. The dream of achievement, leading to contentment. Contentment can never have a future. Either you feel it now or you don't. If you don't, you can't expect some events may cause you to feel it in future. The imagination of contentment in future must be rewinded to the present. The contentment needs to happen now. Because tomorrow can never come.

There is only 1 reality - the present. The past has only memories, the future has only theories. We can't live on our memories nor can we live on mere theories. We have to live in the present. The joy in the present is felt through depth. Intellectual, emotional, and spiritual depth. Through depth, the present feels wholesome. There is no emptiness, vacuum. This present has no future. It is in the bliss of its present experience. It is free from worry. Because it has learnt that tomorrow can never come.

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