Sometimes, we doubt the ones we trust. A doubt is like an arrow. When it hits the heart, it hurts. Love needs trust. Doubt kills love's fragrances. Trust your love.

We can't trust because we are insecure. We are not insecure about our lover, but more we are insecure about ourself. This self insecurity leads to shooting the arrows of doubt. Now, love has lost its freedom. It has becoming controlling. There is possessiveness. You are no more the equal partner of your lover, you are the master now. Love has lost its joy. Because love now is lost. Trust your love.

Love is about giving. The joy lies in giving joy. When you are the giver, there is giving, not the expectation of receiving. Then there lies no question of doubt. You give not due to certain qualifications of the receiver. You give in purity, because it brings joy. There is no discrimination. When love loses discrimination, it loses doubt. Because now love has become universal. Trust your love.