He saw the glass half full. His friend saw it half empty. Both described it in their way. Neither was wrong. Both were right. Truth is not a constant, it is a perception.

The earth rotates and revolves. Things keep changing. Matters evolve. There is nothing fixed. It's subject to constant change. The truth of today may not be the truth of tomorrow. In this evolution, truth is a perception.

We have some firm beliefs. Our fellow humans have some exactly opposite beliefs. Each co-exist within the same framework. Each view retains its independence. Because it is a mere perception. And every perception cannot be called the truth. Truth is a perception.

There are many theories of our existence on earth. Each claiming the ownership of truth. By definition, truth should be singular and cannot have many fathers. But this definition is flawed. Truth exists in many colours, not only white, because truth is a perception.

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