Truth loses meaning when it is playing a match against emotions. The most important thing in the world is human emotions. And how you are sensitive to the emotions of others. So, when emotions are involved truth is meaningless.

When you meet a 95 year old woman, tell her she is looking nice, and cheerful, and she has a beautiful heart. Make her feel loved. Truth is meaningless.

When someone has just lost an important sports match in their career, tell them how well they fought and how bravely they played. Make them feel cared for. Truth is meaningless.

When someone is facing poverty, tell him you admire his fighting spirit and that he has a beautiful smile. He will feel happy. Truth is meaningless.

Human sensitivity matters more than truth. It is a sign of a more evolved, loving, and caring person. Because truth is facts and brains, but emotions is love and heart. The heart always wins. Truth is meaningless.

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