Truth Will Win

Truth is subjective. But if it were so, then there is nothing like oneness of truth. Truth is different for different people. But then can we call whatever everyone believes as truth ? What is truth ? Why is truth so elusive ? Why Siddharth gave up his kingdom only to search for it ? Does truth need a search or is it a realisation or a holy enlightenment ?

Truth is a topic of deep debate, heated arguments, and holy wars. But truth is that beautiful touch which heals with love, care, and compassion. When truth is left to judge, we have fights, and when truth is allowed to grace humanity, we have peaceful nights.

Truth is God. Because the greatest power in the universe is that. And that is truth.

Truth is love. Because the greatest force in humanity is that. And that is truth.

God is love. Love is God. They cannot be separated. The other word for this combination is truth.

Can God be defeated ? Can God go wrong ? Replace God with love. The answer is the same. Replace both with truth, the answer does not change. Truth has a power which stands by itself, it needs nothing to defend itself. It's strength needs no judge to give it a judgement of strength. Truth leans on no one, but everything in the end will lean only towards truth. Whether truth speaks or remains silent, it needs no witness. Truth is neither physical nor spiritual. Truth is the final verdict of perfect justice in this world, karma. Therefore, only truth will win.