In the gigantic magnificence of the universe, physically we are a speck. In the same way, we remain a speck in our other powers too. We are powerless. Our destiny is driving us, we have no option but to submit. We are not choosers. We bend to the play of karma, the will of God. This karma, this will is perfectly just. We have a say in our future. But still, we are only a speck.

This speck that we are is not the centre of the universe. We are just a continuity. We are not the centre. When we start thinking too much with ourself as the centre, we give rise to our identity, our ego. Ego to survive needs to be fed with desire. A desire is not the present, it is a wish for future, on whose fulfillment we will get happiness. This speck which we are is more than a speck. In our thinking, this speck has become an important identity which needs status, image, and other desires to be fulfilled. We have created a falsehood. Now, we are no more a speck.

Ego is pain. Because ego leads to greed, causes jealousy, and is the spark for anger. Ego is defensive, it attacks to defend. Ego lacks peace, because it has unfulfilled desires. Also, it has fear it will lose its pride, and identity. Ego can't accept it is a speck. Ego lives in anxiety. Once we remove our self, we feel at peace with the universal oneness. We are part of the totality. We enjoy the depth of the present moment. But we enjoy without the need to assert our supremacy, or superiority. We are no more competing. We are one. We are a speck.