We believe what we think, not what we see. Often we see something in front of our eyes, but we believe only if it fits into the logic of our thoughts. The world in other words is just a reflection of our thoughts. We don't see the world, we see our thinking.

Sometimes we need to open the windows of our mind and allow the breeze of the world to flow in. We need to look at it from a different angle. We need to appreciate something else, not only ourself. Look from the other's viewpoint also, not only yours. Then your thoughts will not become a mere reflection, but become all inclusive.

We live in a world with deep diversity. Diversity needs to be respected. Our hearts need to be larger. We need to assimilate everyone without judgement, prejudice, bias. We don't need to prove our superiority. Because there is a judge above, you are not the judge. Unfortunately, most of us can't follow this broad mindedness. We don't see the world, we see our thinking.

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