When I Leave My Body

I was residing somewhere from the time I was born. It was in my body. I was a citizen of my body. Like me in this world there were 7 billion living bodies. We had to give them different combination of names to differentiate them. And in reality each body was unique. Each body was its unique citizen.

Scientists have put man's existence to millions of years. Our average life is only a speck. It's like a long train journey, we wait in the platform for a couple of minutes and then continue our journey. Our life here is the platform. Short, fleeting, and transient.

We are passengers. We can only say we are a citizen of our body. Our soul does not have permanent residence. It's very existence is a mystery. All theories around it are mysterious. Mysteries are called mysteries because the truth is an opaque curtain, it is hidden, cannot be seen.

The platform master has blown his whistle. The train is about to leave. Death will make its entry. Death is only a cover. A cover between 2 glasses. Remove the cover, and nothing distinguishes the 2. Life merges into the next life. Death was only a cover.

This is an indication that when the cover is removed our actions of this life are not removed from us. It stays part of us. We cannot remove for us the effect of our deeds from the next life.

So when I leave my body, the cover, will uncover the mystery of the next. A mystery which even the deepest faith cannot have full faith in till it's finally revealed. It's a cover which will prove that karma (truth, justice) will always prevail. It's a cover which everyone fears. Every single person. The fear of something which is a mystery will always be feared. So when I leave my body, I will have fear, but will try my best to overcome it through positive karma in life, and ride through the uncertainty through my life's karma's positivity. I have no other option.