Rome is a historical city. It's history dates back to 1000's of years. During this period, the Romans built a great empire, a great civilisation. They had their unique traditions. Traditions which were more Roman than anything else. Many visitors, tourists would come to pay homage, and transact work to their headquarters. During this stay, visitors often lived culturally the way the Romans would live. It's as if they blended into the mainstream. In Rome, they did as Romans did.

The English proverb, "In Rome, do as the Romans do", has significance and lessons in daily life.

One of the main lessons is "Adaptability". We adapt to our environment. We don't stick out like a sore thumb. We respect the cultural nuances in our surroundings and adapt. Our ability to mingle with the humanity around, is a reflection and a sign of our human sensitivity. The origin of the fountain of compassion.

The 2nd lesson we learn is the lesson of "Humility". We lower our self-righteousness, drop our ego, and flow with the current tide. In humility, we lose identity, we merge with the universe.

The 3rd lesson we learn is "Discretion". We learn to be discrete with our outspokenness, and independence. We are discrete, as we are sensitive to the feelings of the majority.

In a democracy, probably the thoughts above would be a restriction on our freedom of voice, and freedom of expression. The law may give you the right. But to exercise the right, may not necessarily be a reflection of wisdom. A right is respected as a right, and it's usage is considered wise only when human rights are grossly violated. By adaptability, humility, and discretion and adapting to the culture of the land is a sign of human sensitivity. It's like reaching out your hand of understanding to the other. So, next time you fly to Rome, maybe you may like to learn a few lines of Italian.