Don't kill a saint by his 1 mistake. Because he has 100 rights to his credit.

We all make mistakes. Never remind a person of his mistake more than once. If you have made him aware of his mistake once, you have done justice without mercy. But if you do so more than once, it means you are butchering him for the same mistake again. There is no mercy, grace, compassion, or kindness in such behaviour. In fact it's just the opposite. It is emotional brutality.

Have you forgotten all the lovely things he did to you ? Look at things in the right perspective. 1 mistake should not be so condemned that you bury 100 rights along with it.

We all sometimes receive a hurt or insult in our relationships. Just step back from the heated battlefield. Remember, the lovey garden like moments of giving both of you shared in the relationship. When someone does 1 wrong, remember his 100 rights.

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