Women are the fragrance of life. The fragrance which emits from a fresh flower. To preserve this fragrance, we water the plant. We take care of the plant. We don't cover the flower, or trample it. Then, the flower gets preserved. Then, we can smell it's fragrance for a long time.

To continue to smell the fragrance from women, honor their dignity. Respect their decision to be free. If you wish the women in your life to be happy, shower them with love, and affection. And be ready to help them in their troubles. You will enjoy the fresh smell of fragrance from these women.

Unfortunately, some men feel insecure. They need to control their women. They know within that their women don't love them fully. This makes them wild. Instead of turning and improving their game of love, they react oppositely. They turn to violence and try to instill fear to control. Now, even though they control, this is an artificial control. The flower has now lost its fragrance.

Happy Women’s Day (Mar 8)!