You are a container. You retain what goes inside. If anger goes inside, love cannot come out. If joy goes inside, only innocence can come out, not hatred. What goes inside, comes out ! So be careful what you are allowing to enter into you. It could be the road to your salvation or damnation.

You are a container. If you close the lid to different experiences, you lose the chance to enjoy the many things life has to offer. Only an open container can absorb, learn from, and enjoy these different experiences. Some may be tough to absorb but teach a valuable lesson. Others enrich us materially. But the container needs to be open.

You are a container. Sometimes you just have to ensure you are not full to the brim. Because then whatever things come inside of you will overflow. You will not be able to retain those precious things, moments. Keep yourself, your mind a bit empty so that it can learn, and adapt to the new entries. Don't be so rigid that nothing can enter.

You are a container.

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