Leaders are not the only source of inspiration. Leaders may inspire through their charisma, and achievements. But that's not the only source. Every single human being can be a source of inspiration. You can inspire.

You have many qualities which may not be relayed on the world stage. Your qualities may be known only to your family, and close friends. But these qualities could be giving quiet inspiration to them. They may not even express it to you. But you can inspire.

Inspiration does not need big achievements. The sweet smile you gave to the waiter when he brought you a glass of water, was observed by the girl on the next table. At that young age she learnt a valuable lesson in simple, human compassion. All it needed was a genuine smile. You can inspire.

The beggar knocked on the window of the car for some money. His clothes were torn, but his spirit was strong. When he asked for the money, he did not ask in pity. He pointed to his hungry stomach, and gave a flying kiss to the passenger in the car. The passenger was touched at the innovative fighting spirit of the beggar. She gave him a Rs.500 note. The beggar inspired the passenger. You can inspire.

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