He was 37 years old. His behaviour was sweet, innocent, childlike. He could easily be mistaken for a 16 year old in speech. He saw the world in its unidimensional manner. He could not fathom human complexities. Some said he was naive. He was blind to deceit. His parents were worried because he was not worldly wise. They often told him, "you need to grow up".

To talk with adult maturity is a sign you have grown up, they say. But to behave childlike is immaturity. We cannot ever lose the child in us, we can never lose it. Our childishness is our basic innocence where the world appears to us pure, and playful. As we grow up, there is an opposing force to our innocence, the forces of greed, lust, anger, pride, and jealousy. These forces do their best to suppress our innocence. Our playful purity is never lost, it gets hidden with these impure attributes, and desires. These forces are the mature forces. So, life is a constant battle between our innocence and maturity.

In innocence we are fearless. In maturity, we are defensive. We calculate, we think. Our intellect which should actually be the servant has taken over as master. The heart has been suppressed. Innocence has been camouflaged through the covering of intelligence. Make heart your master. Hearts don't think, they only give. Their language is love. They feel, they care. They don't doubt or suspect, because they are enjoying the sight of purity. Innocence lives in its natural state only in the hearts. It is seen in children, their questions are so innocent, without a motive. So, when someone tells you, "you need to grow up", look at him with a blank face as if questioning him. In the question mark lies the answer.