He spoke with a sweet, gentle voice. He was courteous. He did not boast about himself. He was content, so was calm, and peaceful. But he was not good looking. He was a bit ugly. But when people talked about him, nearly everyone said that he was beautiful. He possessed inner beauty. Your manners are your beauty.

The prettiest people look ugly if they can't speak with love, care, and grace. The heart needs to connect. Otherwise beauty is best admired from a distance. To connect with others, you need kindness and manners. Then your true beauty will stand out. And people will desire your company. Your manners are your beauty.

7 examples of manners in action are :

* When you do a mistake, if you apologize sincerely it's forgotten.

* When you are modest inspite of being very successful, your humility will stand out.

* When people approach you for help, and your try your best to help, you will be elevated in their hearts.

* When you are grateful for favours, more favours will come along.

* When you forgive easily, you will be much loved.

* When your heart loves all, and spreads joy, you will be revered.

* When you are patient in difficulties, your strength will inspire others.

Your manners are your beauty.

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