On your birth certificate when you are asked to write your religion, you would probably write Hindu, or Muslim, or Christian, or Jain, or Buddhist, or Atheist, etc. Because for the sake of identification, religion is decided by the God you worship. Each religion has different set of beliefs, and forms of worship. If you are either born into that or practise that, we say you belong to that religion.

The truth is the God of humanity is the same. The colour of our blood is the same. Our different perceptions, and different stages of socio-historical development have led to the different religious denominations. Our God is the same. You cannot say that God can have only this name. Because name is for humans to distinguish 1 from the other. This system of naming has got applied to God too. God now has a name. Each religious sect sometimes tries to prove superiority of their God. It's a fight for who is correct.

God can never be correct or wrong. It is our judgement which is wrong. Instead of God judging us, we are now judging God, and are giving it rankings.

There is only 1 God. In Hindu terminology we call it "karma", or in the terminology of simple understanding we call it "perfect justice". We are ruled by our own karma (actions). Our karma decides our future destiny. So, we are the creators of our destiny. Our religion is our deeds. Good deeds is the best religion.

If you spend so many hours every day praying to the one above, but if you are not mindful of your deeds, and are not sensitive to the humanity around you, is there much use of that ? Your deeds will be granted justice, but prayers cannot change your deeds. Prayers may give you solace, and peace. You will feel a strong power backing you. But if you have the backing of the goodness of your deeds, then that is the best backing. You will then convert the Gods of religions into your deeds. You will be careful of your actions. You will spread love, do justice, and give help to others. The strength of your deeds will become your religion. Your religion is your deeds.

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