The sun is nice, and warm. When it shines, your face glows with brightness. The sun gives the nutrients for plants to grow. It gives vitamins to man. The sun is energy. The sun is life. We all have our rightful place in the sun. It's a natural place which has been created. There is no fight, no competition.

We all want our children to have a special place in the sun. We want them to get name, and fame. It seems as if that is our main duty. The duty that we have to make them a success. Now, we have become like all parents. Parents who are running the rat race.

Let's fast forward 100 years. Neither you are there in the world, nor your son. You have not carried forward your wealth, or your success. It has simply been inherited. What you have carried forward are your good deeds, and your humanity. They have been imprinted on your soul. The so-called rat race is now irrelevant. So, just chill, don't stress, your son will find his place in the sun. Let him do it himself. It's not your job. Let him feel happy at what he has achieved by himself. Your son will find his place in the sun.