It's that emotional pulse which can be felt by people around. Sometimes you maybe sitting silently, but the beating of your pulse can still be felt. Your pulse has a certain quality to it. On your pulse is written the sum total of your nature, behaviour, manners, and culture. In simple terms, this is called your vibes.

Vibes are often felt within a few seconds of meeting someone. It's as if when you hug someone, you can feel the fragrance of his clothes and the odour of his body. Vibes are those hidden feelings. Often as time goes and the person knows you better, the same vibes which were initial become more lasting.

Vibes cannot be made fake. Because they are your pulse, your breath. Can you fake your breathing ? Nope, you can't. Vibes are the real you. You can't pretend what you are not. Because the vibes will quickly make them transparent.

We all wish to send positive vibes. Something in us dies when we don't give positive vibes. It's as if we need to make a good impression all the time. This can happen when the root from where your vibes originate has the same positivity, the same humanity. Because your vibes are a mere reflection.

Your vibes attracts your tribe !

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