Your Voice Is Your Choice

To speak is your freedom. To be responsible for your speech is your duty. You have choice to exercise your voice. But the choice bears with it the moral obligation of truth, and justice. If it violates that, there are going to be likely repercussions from society.

We sometimes make irresponsible statements. Statements which are incorrect factually, socially, or morally. When we cross that line regularly, we are termed as liberal, outspoken, and even lunatic. It's good to be politically correct in speech, it's particularly important for those who are more formal in their style of speech. Those with a gift of gab sometimes cross the line of decency without it sounding offensive. It's an art, it's a skill, and it needs an adept master to use it skillfully without it causing pain.

Our lives are lived through our voice. That is what connects humanity - our speech. Through our voice, we can bring joy, tears, pain, inspiration, frustration, etc. A sweet, caring voice is easily trusted. Strong voices are feared. A calm voice shows balance. An excited voice shows energy, innocence. A voice, it's tone, it's volume, are the keys to communication. It is a reflection of your humanity. The inner goodness reflects automatically in the goodness of your voice. You can't pretend to be good in words. It will not reflect in the voice. Kind hearted people have kind voices. You can choose the voice you wish to have. To make your selection, you don't need your larynx, but instead need to make that choice in your heart. The choice whether you want to be loved, or feared comes out through the voice. The voice is your choice.

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